provifrost-sample instructions

sampling procedure aircraft de-icing fluids sample submission guidelines Here you can find the best practices for collecting and submitting samples of aircraft deicing fluid. To ensure the continued validity of the semi-annual lab analysis certification, we strongly encourage you to follow these instructions to send samples in a timely and correct manner. sample collection […]


provifrost winter hotline

winter hotline 24/7 personal contact line During the winter months, we provide a direct contact number for additional orders, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because you never know when winter weather will strike. Based on the weather conditions in your region, we will proactively estimate how much de-icer fluid will be needed. […]


provifrost sample kit samples and certificates A sample kit designed to make the mandatory half-yearly product checkup procedure easier and more convenient for you. Each sticker sheet in the kit contains adhesive labels to be affixed to the sample bottle and an address tag for sending to our lab. This kit ensures that your samples […]


provifrost stickers for your tanks, trucks and stock Provifrost stickers are available for different types of aircraft de-icing fluids. We have replicated the orange, yellow and green international color codes according to the type of fluid in the design of the more than 1m² stickers. the international color code on the stickers When the de-icing […]

animalhealth | smart blend of monoglycerides

study – presented at ICPIH Manila Julie Feyaerts Product development  Optigut has established itself as a prominent commercial product in the poultry industry for over a decade. Previous research, primarily comprising performance trials conducted in academic settings and on commercial broiler and turkey farms, consistently revealed compelling outcomes. These trials consistently demonstrated enhancements in growth […]


customer appreciation award Schiphol Amsterdam – January 30, 2024 |  The CEO of Schiphol, Ruud Sondag, presented the special award for “Professionalism, quality and trust makes our cooperation”. A Welcome recognition from one of our loyal long-term customers This is clear proof that Provifrost’s personalized approach is appreciated by our customers. For almost 20 years, […]


Donaldson and partners invest in sustainability chain ecological footprint key in purchase process At the Donaldson, Belgian division of filtration specialists in Leuven, a new Daikin chiller was recently installed on the flat roof of the laboratory rooms. Focused on a collaborative and sustainable investment where all stakeholders made great efforts, Donaldson worked closely with […]


Brewery De Halve Maan uses Proviron’s glycol indirect cooling for bottling plant In the previous edition of Cool & Comfort, we introduced you to the Proviron company and products. In this follow-up article, we look at a practical application: the cooling installation of the bottling plant of brewery De Halve Maan in Bruges. brand-new bottling […]

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