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Proviron has been bridging the gap between environment, health and safety on one side, and chemical solutions on the other. It is certainly no coincidence that our company name, Proviron, is made up of two words: “PROcess” and “enVIRONment”. However, Proviron is more than just words: Proviron acts. Proviron’s mission is to provide solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

As a diversified chemical company, we do a lot of things:

  • Provifrost – we help airports and airlines with deicing solutions
  • Provichem – we invent monomers for water based applications
  • Animal Health – we develop ingredients that replace antibiotics in animal feed
  • Proviplast – we produce non-phthalate and even bio-based plasticizers 
  • Proviflow – we produce heat transfer fluids 
  • Tolling – we offer custom-made tolling services and innovative solutions

proviron, chemistry between us

Proviron designs, produces and markets chemicals for mainly medium-volume niche markets. We are market leaders for most of our own products.

Our chemicals serve as building blocks for a host of downstream products. We offer sustainable solutions for polymers, water-based paints and glues, feed, braking systems, de-icers, and lots more. We have broken down our activities into five markets and seven groups of products and technologies.

Our goal is to offer customers a complete service package. We not only produce high quality chemicals, including packaging and logistics, we can also take care of quality control, technical service, and even research for product applications on your behalf.

We don’t just sell chemicals, we offer solutions. We are fast and flexible and offer sustainable solutions that are ecologically and economically sound, quality- driven and that meet your needs.

proviron in numbers

3 manufacturing plants

proviron Hemiksem – Antwerp – Belgium

proviron Ostend- West Flanders – Belgium

proviron West Virginia – USA

22 production units

We have 22 production units in three manufacturing plants, situated in Belgium and the US.

Much of what we do starts from a dialogue with our customers. Innovative ideas go through lab testing and pilot installations before proceeding to industrial production.

242 FTEs

Our 242 staff members are experienced, knowledgeable and flexible, ensuring product quality and consistency.

Our well-equipped R&D laboratory has highly skilled researchers offering both scientific knowledge and experience. Research, innovation and development are part of Proviron’s DNA.

90 million in turnover

With our offices in Belgium, USA and China, we achieved an annual turnover of more than €90 million.

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