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If environment is blended into your company name, you may already suspect that this is a distinct driver. Ever since 1977, the concept of operating sustainably has been Proviron’s main philosophy. Because we believe that acting sustainably is more than just a trendy logo or participating in an environmental campaign.

Sustainability is so deep in Proviron’s DNA that it influences every process, action or handling we take.
We are constantly striving to find innovative and smart solutions and improvements. It is that spirit which is woven into all layers of our organization.

Also in our collaborations with all external parties (suppliers, transporters, customers and prospects) we take into account our ecological impact.

We therefore welcome with open arms the Green Deal initiative that seeks to achieve a climate neutral objective by 2050. A further global and local business culture will have to emerge, to always opt for these values within an economically feasible picture.

This is what we consider our corporate responsibility for the future and society.

our core values


Our employees make Proviron.
Innovation drives us. Integrity and simplicity guide every decision. Everyone contributes and takes responsibility. We offer a flexible and open working environment with a harmonious balance between workspace and the private life. With us no fuss, but a fast and flexible response to customer needs.


Proviron develops processes, products and services that improve the world (a little bit).
We use raw materials and energy as efficiently as possible. We provide a safe working environment and treat employees, local residents and the environment with respect.


With Proviron, we are building a long-term stable family business.
We resolutely opt for financial independence and reinvestment of profits. We offer high quality products and services, creative solutions that take into account the balance between people, environment, profit and personal satisfaction.

sustainability in numbers

solar thermal park

0 tons

saved CO₂ emissions

since may 2020

brake fluid tolling

0 million liter

recycled brake fluid

since 1982

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