annual report 2023

intense investment to serve new markets

For Proviron, 2023 was a year of growth and investment, with innovation, sustainability and business expansion leading the way. With a focus on various market segments and the development of new production lines, we laid a solid foundation for further growth in the coming years.

“We invested at a strategic moment and we're already reaping the benefits.”

greatest investment year to date

Last year, we invested in two major plants, which are essential to supply new markets. First, in cooperation with our customer, a new production unit in Ostend was launched that makes raw materials for green tires. This step marked not only a milestone in the cooperation, but also in our overall strategy to develop products and processes that contribute to a sustainable environment. The second installation is a salts plant with an automated filling and stacking system in Hemiksem for our Animal Health division. This new line enables us to meet increasing customer requests for organic acids in solid form. Given that the vast majority of our range consists of liquids, it is an exceptional installation for us.

Besides these major investments, many other projects and initiatives were also carried out last year. For example, we invested in the renovation of the offices in Hemiksem and the electrification of the vehicle fleet with corresponding charging stations. On top of that, it was also an exceptional year in terms of daily operational investments, both in Hemiksem and in Ostend.

stronger together

Once again, the Proviron team in 2023 delivered their very best. On the one hand, there was good prospecting and sales. For example, an extensive campaign was done for our de-icers in Eastern Europe, resulting in an absolute record year for Provifrost. On the other hand, we have to remember that those growing volumes were also produced and delivered, despite the challenges in terms of the raw material market and logistics. It makes us proud to see how Proviron’s core values, such as impeccable delivery and customer service, were once again upheld by our production team and logistics department. The team’s determination reflects Proviron’s commitment to quality and reliability. We are therefore incredibly grateful to our employees for this achievement.

an excellent outcome

Overall, we achieved better results than the previous year, despite the challenges faced in the chemical sector in Europe. We understand the importance of investing during less favorable economic times, and the proceeds from the sale of land in 2022 allowed us to fulfill this. We invested more than we earned in 2023 and we are already harvesting the benefits from that.

Leo Michiels
Chairman of the Board

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