annual report


2021 was a special year because of the pandemic, but at the same time, for Proviron it was one of the best years ever.  That meant that more resources were released to invest in the working environment: a great deal of innovation has now begun both in Ostend and Hemiksem. We celebrated 25 years of presence in Ostend and the United States and 10 years in China. The biggest challenge in 2021 was due to rising costs. Both the price of the raw materials and the price of transportation and energy were high. There was no room for increased profit margins, but we managed to make more profit in 2021. After a difficult 2020, this was a relief for everyone. Therefore, it was a good but not easy year.

shared optimism

Of course, we shared the good financial year with our personnel. Not only with two sports gift cards, but also three times with a bonus: an anniversary bonus, the full Corona premium, and the cao 90 wage bonus that we were able to pay out in full. On top of the innovations in our facilities, there is extra space to invest in our facilities.
That is how we keep up with the times. The fact that it was such a good year in financials mainly had to do with an increase in sales. We did not increase the profit margins. Still, for us, the cost increases were extreme. Raw material prices have risen greatly, as have transportation prices. At the end of the year, energy prices also
rose to new heights. Fortunately, there was some understanding in the market to pass that on.

Despite the high prices and the transportation at times being very difficult to make available, we were always able to deliver to the customer in a timely manner. Therefore, we remain a reliable supplier. Our teams have really been on the move concerning production planning, and we are very grateful to them for that.

difficult search for employees

A few incidents regarding product spillage are being followed up very closely, and we should avoid them even further in the future. The spills can be explained on the
one hand by the fact that we produced more, and on the other hand, by the difficult organisational circumstances, including the pandemic.

Like other companies, we know that many jobs are difficult to fill. Whereas previously, this was mainly for STEM profiles, we now see a shortage of all profiles.
2021 was a fantastically good but for that reason not an easy year. Large orders and unpredictable deliveries asked a lot of us in terms of organisation. It’s a great pleasure to see how strong our team was and what we achieved. We’re proud of that.

Leo Michiels
Chairman of the Board

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