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Sustainability is embedded in the DNA of Proviron. Our company name is the contraction of PROcesses and enVIRONment. All our actions spring from the idea of minimizing our ecological impact. This driver also puts us on edge to continuously re-evaluate the processes and make adjustments if possible.

Proviron has a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, forming the core of our business identity. Our company name is an amalgamation of the words ‘process’ and ‘environment’, indicative of our mission to reduce our ecological footprint with every action we take. This incentive to review and refine our processes keeps us constantly on our toes.

the proviron formula for ...

components for water-based paints

The paint industry has switched massively from oil- or white spirit-based paints to sustainable, water-based paints.  To ensure that the paint in the water forms a neat uniform mixture, Proviron developed a specific ingredient: SVS or Provichem 2202. It also ensures that a uniform and resistant paint film forms when drying.


the proviron formula for ...

antibiotic reducing feed additives

Proviron produces a wide range of livestock feed additives that stimulate the digestive system and increases the animal immunity. In this way, Proviron focuses on animal welfare and reduces the use of antibiotics in livestock and fish farming.

the proviron formula for ...

environmentally efficient aviation de-icers

Aviation is an industry that takes responsibility in terms of sustainable transition seriously. With sustainable de-icing solutions, Proviron is a leading partner in keeping aircraft and runways ice-free. This not only allows us to take off and then land with peace of mind during the winter. We also do it in an environmentally responsible manner.

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