sustainable and hybride information distribution at trade shows and events

sustainable information distribution at events

hybrid on trade shows

At Proviron, we opt for a hybrid solution to distribute our flyers and brochures. Our visitors can choose for themselves whether they request a digital information kit via our kiosk or whether they still choose to take away a set of printed leaflets.

As much as possible, we promote using the information kiosk on which our flyers are available digitally. Through the handy DIY software solution Omnitapps, we have a robust tool to create a customized version for each trade show. We pull the design of our booth into the kiosk, which then seamlessly connects. The software is simple and intuitive, but to get up and running quickly, we were able to call on Prestop’s services. The onboarding training is an individual one-on-one event that gave us an immediate kickstart.

We are reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible for our paper flyers through creative interventions. We opted for product flyers in A5 format instead of A4. We replace our general brochures with a handy folder. We only give our visitors the product sheets they are interested in. But the complete product overview and additional information can be consulted via the QR codes in the folder on our website.

the hybrid information kiosk of Proviron

The chemical sector is known as a very innovative sector, especially when you look at its products and services. But as one of the strongholds of our economy, the digitization of the sector is only now well underway. Trade show participation is still one of the most efficient ways to make prospecting calls. Because everyone meets in 1 place, we can significantly reduce our “carbon footprint” compared to international prospecting trips.

But we go one step further: We also integrate more sustainable solutions at our booth. This is where digitalization comes in. We have a ‘digital signage’ project underway, in which we are further fine-tuning our information provision. For this, we are looking at working with Prestop and their software package Omnitaps.

We are building a hybrid system where we give our visitors the choice of having a digital set of brochures mailed through a kiosk. Or still, opt for printed copies. We reduced the format of our documentation from A4 to A5. And we replaced the extensive product catalog with a summary folder equipped with QR codes that link to the extensive product information on our website. In this way, we limit paper to its necessary essential use.

Prestop partner in Interactive Digital Signage

Prestop is specialist in various interactive solutions. They are a Value Added Manufacturer, which means they can make hardware and software with added value. Based in Son en Breugel, in the middle of the Brainport region in the Netherlands, they have been serving the market with innovative, interactive high-end touch solutions since 1993. Prestop has built up a name in its product design, production, and installation and can therefore count resounding international brands and a large group of (international) resellers among its customers. They are there for anyone looking for a way to present, activate and interact with the greatest possible impact. Why they are experts in this field? Because they’ve been at our craft for 30 years now and spare no effort to innovate continuously, prioritizing sustainability and circularity and providing wonder, interaction, and valuable data.

Prestop aims to make touchscreen technology accessible to everyone. They do this by offering both rental and purchase, seeing it as their duty to deliver a solution that meets the customer’s needs on more fronts than requested. A customer does not have to ask Prestop if the technology is state-of-the-art, circular, and sustainable. They can automatically assume that. Prestop eliminates risky transport and is less environmentally harmful by producing everything in-house. They make their own touchscreens, which they also can recycle.

This is why Proviron and Prestop are a perfect match. Sustainability plays an essential role in both companies. Omnitapps is a software package created by Prestop specifically for use at trade fairs, but it has grown worldwide and for various other solutions. It is the interactive, digital answer for trade shows, with which you can create beautiful presentations to showcase your company, including brochures, photos, and videos. We set up the app using BrochureRequest after training. On this, our brochures can be viewed and requested. It is an excellent lead capture app that responds nicely to the need to use less paper.

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