a full range of specialized plasticizing solutions

Proviron knows its way round plasticizers. When it comes to products with exceptional qualities, we are particularly well equipped with know-how, facilities and experience. Let us find a plasticizer solution for you.

With the new Proviplast product line, Proviron shows that it’s a plasticizer company that can make your plastics phthalate-free and low on VOCs, without compromising the product value.

Proviron guarantees an excellent service, as well as continuous availability and supply. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of all our products.

At Proviron, the focus is on excellence in everything we do. Improving your performance is our mission!

Pick your line of products and let us assist you.


plasticizers with exceptional qualities

PVC plasticizers

The most commonly used plasticizers for PVC are phthalates. However, there are concerns about the toxicity of certain phthalates. This is leading to an increasing pressure from both public authorities and customers to shift towards the use of phthalate-free alternatives. Proviron is helping the market in this transition by offering different high quality non-phthalate plasticizers.

nylon plasticizers

Since its early days, Proviron has proven to be the preferred supplier for nylon plasticizers. Our products are the benchmark in the industry, and we are constantly raising the bar!

PVB plasticizers

Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is a polymer for highly demanding applications. It is characterized by its optical clarity, toughness, flexibility and excellent adhesive properties with many materials such as glass, metal, plastics and wood. Due to these properties, PVB is mainly used for laminated safety glass..

A special polymer requires a special plasticizer. The high-quality Proviplast@ PVB plasticizers produced by Proviron meet the requirements of highly demanding PVB applications.

Proviplast PVB Plasticizers:phthalate-free solutions

rubber plasticizers

Plasticizers from Proviron are commonly used in polar rubbers such as nitrile rubber, acrylate elastomers and chlorinated polymers.

Our Proviplast rubber plasticizers improve overall flexibility, with low temperature properties and high temperature aging stability. In rubbers they are suitable for applications such as seals, conveyor belts, automotive tubes and hoses.

coatings / adhesives / sealants / inks

Proviron provides a wide variety of plasticizers with different applications in coatings, adhesives, inks and sealants. We look forward to partnering with you to give your application a “green” touch!

Proviplast®/Provichem® coating, ink, sealant and adhesive plasticizer and solvent portfolio

PLA plasticizers

Plasticizers for bio-polymers

Proviplast 01422 – High performance general purpose plasticizer.

Proviplast 2624 – General purpose plasticizer for food contact applications

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