proviron microalgae sea cucumber feed

sea cucumber nurtured with freeze-dried microalgae It looks like a pickle, tastes very neutral and has a gelatinous texture. It is low in fat and cholesterol, rich in protein, antioxidants and vitamin B. Meet the sea cucumber. The sea cucumber , also known as trepang, sandfish or ‘béche de mer’ is one of the top […]

the polymer alliance zone

proviron inc. in the center of the Polymer Alliance Zone Welcome to the Polymer Alliance Zone of West Virginia. We are located in one of the most dynamic regions in the country for polymer and chemical production with a highly trained and experienced workforce. There are few, if any, other places in the world where the […]

Testimonial Thetis Acquacoltura

Pasta alle vongole rescued with freeze-dried micro-algae 😉 Pasta alle vongole, a dish prepared with the typical “carpet clams” or “Venus clams”. These small, but very tasty shellfish give the fresh pasta the taste of the Italian sea on your plate. Close your eyes and you imagine yourself at a terrace on the San Marco […]

use of monoglycerides popular

technical article – Antibiotic Reduction Special Why is the use of monoglycerides so popular? The direct supplementation of high-purity monoglycerides to feed and/or water is a popular and emerging nutritional practice. Monoglycerides of short chain and medium chain fatty acids (SCFA & MCFA’s) have a well-documented direct in vitro antimicrobial activity and are known to […]

weather service provifrost

winter weather forecasts Provifrost gets its own weatherman Proviron has taken on its own weatherman. Geert Naessens will forecast the weather for Provifrost, our department that produces environmentally friendly, high-performance aircraft de-icers and de-icing products for runways and commercial applications. Accurate planning of production and transportation ‘The key to a successful winter campaign is preparation,’ […]

HTF analysis

proviflow service HTF analysis service While the composition of the glycol in your system does not, of course, need permanent monitoring, we strongly recommend a periodic analysis. This is a preventive measure for maintaining the health of the system. Just like the blood in our veins, a lot can be determined from an analysis of […]

checklist DAP

Checklist bulk delivery (DAP) how to unload proviflow on site without worries This checklist is your guidance to a worry free bulk delivery of your Heat Transfer Fluid Proviflow. Let’s talk the same business. Communication is so important for a smoothly service. Therefore we made a list of topics that are relevant during delivery. Our […]

e-paper corrosion

“How to avoid corrosion in a heat transfer circuit.” We all know that cholesterol in your blood is a bad thing. But everyone needs a little cholesterol to be health. But when there’s to much in your blood, it can causes obstruction in the arteries. The impact of corrosion on a cooling systems is exactly […]