Vlaamse Algen Maand

may 2022 is the Flemish Algae Month

In 2022, the month of May will be declared the “Flemish Algae Month. Academic institutes, government and business will go hand in hand to promote and demonstrate the advanced technology Flanders have when it comes to algae.

Flanders as innovator in algae

Algae play an important role in the ecology of seas and oceans. They absorb carbon dioxide from the water and convert it into oxygen and sugars through photosynthesis. Combine this with the major social issues concerning the handling of the natural resources of our globe and you quickly see that there are many opportunities and advantages of algae.  Within this ecological awareness, the economic interest in cultivating algae for both macro-algae (e.g. seaweed) and micro-algae (e.g. for aquaculture) is also growing.  

In Flanders we quickly realized the paradox of algae production. In the general perception the growth of algae seems very easy, just think of your swimming pool. But in practice, growing the ‘most suitable’ algae is a very technological issue.

With this initiative, Flanders emphasizes that we have knowledge centers and innovative companies in our region that are helping to draw the map of a more sustainable land and water culture.

Proviron is one of those companies. Already in 2007 the first set-ups were made to cultivate microalgae in a controlled and pathogen-free way. This led to our ProviAPT technology, which we use today to cultivate various, often very technical algae indoors.


06.05.2022 | plant visit Proviron

For many years Proviron is successfully producing various microalgae for aquaculture all over the world. But the application possibilities are much broader. With a team of experts and scalable production units at our company site in Hemiksem, we are the flexible contract manufacturing partner for various markets. Under the flag of the ‘Flemish Algae Month’ we would like to present you our complete MicroAlgae project.

Because it is impossible to receive large groups in the production units, we decided to make a video recording of a company visit with some members of the Flemish committees, the Mayor and Alderman of Hemiksem and other representatives of knowledge institutions. 


Due to safety regulation this event is limited to a small group of visitors. But we want to share the experience. Therefor we have invited a film crew and will publish a ‘wrap up’ video. You can already subscribe for the video, so that we send you as one of first in line the video.

academical institutes

The number of potential applications for algae is enormous. Knowledge institutions Thomas More and Ghent University (UGent) have been running a program study for years. During the Flemish Algae Month they are happy to report on their research.

12.05.2022 | Thomas More

On Thursday 12th May 2022, Radius, the Thomas More campus in Geel, will host the symposium: “The power of microalgae: a lever towards a more sustainable and circular economy”. 

During this event, our colleague Luc Roef will give further explanation about the indoor vertical cultivation of microalgae.

19.05.2022 | Ugent

On 19 May 2022, Ghent University and Innolab, together with several partners, will present the results of the ALG-AD and Nutri2Cycle projects, in which algae are used to recycle nutrients from agricultural liquid streams for the production of protein-rich biomass. At this event you can learn more about both projects and contribute to their further development and implementation. During the workshop you can also see the complete algae cultivation facility in Oostkamp, from the pre-treatment to the cultivation and harvesting steps.


Also the Flemisch gouverment contributes via Institute for Agriculture (ILVO) contributes with an interesting event.

04.05.2022 | ILVO

Also the Institute for Agriculture (ILVO) contributes to an interesting event.

Looking for the ideal flavoring for your product? Taste the possibilities of algae on 4 May 2022, literally and figuratively. ILVO, among others, is paving the way with its research for these marine organisms as an innovative addition to the European food supply.

Flanders’ FOOD and ILVO are organizing an interactive study day for the Flemish food industry and will introduce the advantages, characteristics, processability and taste of algae in food products. The (interim) results of a series of other algae projects will also be presented.

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