microalgae target application

green water technique

microalgae as a one to one alternative for of live algae.

Green water is a technology commonly used in aquaculture. The benefits have been shown for several (marine) fish species, molluscs and crustaceans. The method consists of adding algae in the water during larvae culture.

Several hypotheses exist to explain the beneficial effects green water: a direct food source through active uptake, stimulation of the non-specific immune system in the larvae, action as a probiotic, increase in contrast to reveal preys, microbial control by algal exudates in tank water and/or larval gut, … 

Proviron’s Prime freeze dried microalgae provide a one to one replacement of live algae for your larval fish and shrimp at equal performance (survival rate, growth, rejections, …) .

benefits of using freeze dried algae

Single Cell dispersion

Retains the characteristic buoyancy of live algae

Remains in the water column for extended periods

No fouling of your tanks

single cell dispersion

Provirons microalgae readily and absolutely disperses into single cells without leaking its content. As a result it retains the characteristic buoyancy of live algae and remains in the water column for very long periods without fouling your tanks.

NannoChloropis Live vs Freezedried

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