"How to avoid corrosion

in a heat transfer circuit.”

We all know that cholesterol in your blood is a bad thing. But everyone needs a little cholesterol to be healthy. But when there’s too much in your blood, it can cause obstruction in the arteries.

The impact of corrosion on a cooling system is precisely the same. If you compare cholesterol with corrosion, you get the same situation.

So in order to keep your system healthy, you need to reduce the corrosion to a minimum. A daily cholesterol medicine is not needed, but a proactive use of OAT additives can prevent big deal of corrosion.

As an installer, don’t let your reputation depend on it.

The impact of corrosion on your system already starts after 1 month. But the real troubles begin when your pump is impacted.

epaper Corrosion in HTF proviron

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Gregory Jansseune

Business Manager Proviflow

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