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Although our product may be one of the best in the market, we believe that our smart services are what adds the extra value. Our people are the engine behind our services that makes the difference for you and your relationship with your customer.

analysis service

While the composition of the glycol in your system does not, of course, need permanent monitoring, we strongly recommend a periodic analysis. This is a preventive measure for maintaining the health of the system.

Just like the blood in our veins, a lot can be determined from an analysis of the blood values.

Proviflow’s lab offers a complete analysis service. With a sample of at least 150ml, we routinely examine the most important parameters to check the condition of the heat transfer fluid.

And just like a blood test at the doctor’s, you will receive a report and advice, with accurate data on paper to inform your customer correctly. No guesswork or incomplete estimates, but customer advice based on facts to avoid discussions and dissatisfied customers

choose your own color

Red, blue, yellow, green, orange or the color of your logo …

Glycol, in limited quantities, is a relatively harmless product for our health. However, we still have to avoid leaks at all times. An easy and reliable detection solution is still the visual control by coloring the HTF

We therefore recommend dyeing the liquid a color that contrasts with the products being produced. For example, green is often added to our food grade coolant.

At Proviflow, we can handle all colors. Our basic dyes are food-grade approved anyway. And with this we can create any color you need.

dedicated order fulfillment service

Not just an order number, or customer ID. Behind the scenes a team of professionals are handling your order with great care.
Once an order comes in, we figure out how to get the right product to you in the fastest way possible. As an in-house manufacturer, we have the advantage of flexibility. We can offer all volumes in the right dilution. 
We pride ourselves on smooth deliveries of bulk and have prepared a handy checklist for this purpose. 

professional knowledge for a reliable product

proviflow® Neo

the most reliable standard MEG based fluid in the market

proviflow® L

the best all-rounder for cooling and heating

proviflow® FG

designed for food, beverage and pharma cooling

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