bringing color to glycol!

if Picasso had been in the glycol business, he would probably have chosen Proviflow…

In the spring of 2022, we put our new HTF blending facility into use. A brand-new installation that allows us to provide better service.

First and foremost, this is due to the design of the installation, which has a focus on automation. By limiting manual interventions, we can make the right mixes faster. And by having an inline control system, we can check even more efficiently that the blending process is going according to plan.

The second exciting feature is the ability to create all possible colors. Although we didn’t hire a Picasso, we started from the principle of a paint mixing machine. With this system, we can give each color a mathematical formula and completely skip the “coloribus non est disputandum” discussion.

are you ready for the future?

Today, if you want to be sure of a career choice with a future, you are guaranteed to find work in our industry all the time. The demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly cooling and heating systems continues to grow. The current climate of rising energy prices is also playing a role in this regard. This means that we as the manufacturer of glycol-based HTFs must also be prepared for your needs. We have listened to your expectations and our new facility is the answer.

more flexibility for fast deliveries

By automating the process, we can eliminate a great deal of manual handling. As a result, the production time is significantly reduced, and we are more flexible to handle quick deliveries

always the right dilution in the desired color.

In case of maintenance or emergency interventions, it is frequently necessary to refill with the product that is available at the time. The right dilution or the desired color according to the end customer’s instructions must then often make way for what is on hand. However, if the color code is known, we can immediately make the right mix for your customer with the new installation.

HTF installation

faster delivery service
choose your own color

faster delivery service

Proviron is already well-known for having a very service-oriented processing of orders. As well as the accurate communication of product parameters (dilution, type of water, food grade, etc.), we can also communicate the color process in a mathematical code. Which makes our communication even more focused.

So the new installation has an impact on production and automatic processes, but there’s more.

As soon as the product is mixed, we can prepare it for transport. The latter is of course out of our control – it depends on the transport packaging (IBC – Bulk) and the location where the product is to be delivered.

If we disregard the variables of administrative processing time and delivery, we could offer a “next business day pickup”. Our customer service department is already keen to meet that timing with you.

the installation is unique in the glycol industry

Process optimization is very much ingrained in Proviron’s DNA.
This installation was developed to offer the HTF industry a better service in a sustainable and innovative manner.

In addition to the features that concentrate on the automation of dosages and mix recipes, we are also committed to reducing manual interventions and inline control systems in order to control the processes better.

However, it goes without saying that we are also very proud of our paint mixing machine concept. Thanks to this concept, we can in principle produce any color.

In practice, customers have two options when it comes to color. We have put together a color scale with some common colors. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the scale, we will work with customized colors. Based on a “reference fluid”, we will make up to 3 samples in the requested product composition (type, dilution, sort of water). Please note however that this process can only be offered free of charge for volumes in IBC or bulk. It should also be noted that this color confirmation process has a major impact on the delivery time.

why color your Heat Transfer Fluid?

promotional consideration

Choose the color according to the company colors.

safety consideration

A contrasting color of the HTF is the easiest way to have a visual leak detection control.

uniform color codes for your people in the field

If an internal color is linked to installation instructions, you can create a uniform color code that makes it very easy for your employees to communicate.

what color do you choose?

cherry red

banana yellow

blueberry blue

lime green

raspberry pink

proviflow in the press

COOL & COMFORT magazine

Ecological and economic added value | Don't just say glycol to Proviflow.

At first sight it seems a bland opener, but make the effort to read further and it will already seem much less bland. In the meantime, it will also become clear that the chemical industry is not at all as polluting as is often thought, but that it is a sector at the forefront of sustainability.

article by Rudy Gunst – journalist Cool&Comfort 

a product range for sustainable cooling and heating

proviflow® N

the most reliable standard MEG based fluid in the market

proviflow® L

the best all-rounder for cooling and heating

proviflow® FG

designed for food, beverage and pharma cooling

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