corrosion made visual

time-lapse video 7 days

In this timelapse video we tested the impact of corrosion on metal components in glycol. 

In our setup we put 2 identical coupons of metal in 2 identical bowl. The left bowl is filled with generic glycol. The right bowl with proviflow L.

The results after 7 days are amazing. This is how fast corrosion occurs.


and what after 2 years?

We kept our lab setup to further monitor evolution. After a period of 2 years, we opened the samples and started filtering both liquids. 

Monday, Oct. 14, we will reveal the results during the launch of the podcast in partnership with cool&comfort.

let's talk about this aspect together

Gregory Jansseune Proviron Proviflow

Gregory Jansseune

Business Manager Proviflow

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