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Julie Feyaerts - Product development - Proviron

Julie Feyaerts

Product development 

Optigut has established itself as a prominent commercial product in the poultry industry for over a decade. Previous research, primarily comprising performance trials conducted in academic settings and on commercial broiler and turkey farms, consistently revealed compelling outcomes. These trials consistently demonstrated enhancements in growth performance, litter quality, footpad lesion scores, and reductions in mortality rates. Building upon this foundation, the present study was designed to delve deeper into the effects of Optigut on gut health and immunity. 

Smart blend of monoglycerides to target gut health and immunity

higher broiler performance in low dosage with OPTIGUT

The smart blend of monoglycerides enhances performance at low inclusion levels and exhibits dose-dependent response.

The positive impact on gut morphology in duodenum and ileum observed in this study aligns with the proposed mode of action, suggesting a targeted effect along the entire small intestinal tract. The significant performance results and positive trends in gut health and immunity, are consistent with the fragmented literature available.  

Overall, the results suggest that Optigut supplementation has the potential to improve the performance of broiler chickens by promoting growth and optimizing feed efficiency.

Smart Blend of monoglycerides POSTER

Footpad lesion scoring as indicator of gut health

Footpad lesions scoring is an essential aspect of assessing the welfare and health of broiler chickens, particularly in relation to their gut health.

The footpad lesion scoring results indicate a generally favorable welfare status. Supplementation of Optigut (L1 & L2) resulted in a numerical decrease in the number of chickens with a score of 3 (from n=1/20 to n=0/20) and score of 2 (from n=3/20 to n=2/20).

The footpad lesion scores align with the gut health and performance results, demonstrating superior performance compared to the Arbor Acres standard.

Footpad lesion score with OPTIGUT

Optigut, the smart blend for broilers

OPTIGUT is a proprietary blend of glycerides of short and medium chain fatty acids, specifically designed and tested to resolve the issues related to enteritis in poultry. The action of OPTIGUTrelies on a double working mechanism, keeping a healthy balance in the gut.

Animal Health concepts of butyrate feed additives - Proviron

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