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esterified fatty acids feed additives

In the challenge to bring the valuable fatty acid pass the stomach in the gut of the animal, we offer our esterified solutions. Our method makes it possible to transport the fatty acid in a efficient way. As carrier of service the acids are combined on glycerine through our established esterification technology.

fatty acid on glycerine

Fatty acids play a crucial role in promoting optimal health and performance in livestock. When combined with glycerol, these components synergistically contribute to enhanced nutrient absorption and metabolic efficiency. Glycerol, a fundamental component of fats and oils, serves as a valuable energy source for animals, fostering increased energy utilization and improved feed conversion rates. Moreover, the incorporation of fatty acids alongside glycerol aids in bolstering immune function, supporting the integrity of cell membranes, and fostering overall growth and development in animals. This symbiotic relationship between fatty acids and glycerol underscores the transformative potential of strategic feed formulations, offering a pathway towards promoting animal welfare, productivity, and sustainability in modern agricultural practices.

esterified fatty acids

Our pure Line consists of different monoglycerides and tributyrin, each one with their own specific benefits. One of the benefits of esterification of short- and medium chain fatty acids (SCFA and MCFA) to monoglycerides is the increased antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral activity. Furthermore, these monoglycerides are heat and processing stable, non-acidic, non-smelling and pH-independent compared to free fatty acids. These advantages of using esterified fatty acids compared to free fatty acids makes monoglycerides the next generation choice to reduce the use of antibiotics and increase animal health and performance.

esterified technology

Esterification is our core business. Monoglycerides and tributyrin are made by esterification. In our esterification process, a glycerol and free fatty acids are bound to form C3 up to C12 monoglycerides. Proviron is an established name in the chemical sector, started in 1977. Since we as Proviron are experts in chemical processes for more then 45 years, our products are well known in the market because of their high purity.

the best performance with the purest products

At Proviron we believe in creating a better world in supporting sustainable farming, healthy animals and less use of antibiotics. By developing and producing innovative products we want to contribute to this belief. Esterification technology is our core business. Esters of fatty acids (SCFA and MCFA) have been carefully studied and intensively tested, showing a positive impact on animal performance and product handling. Provirons pure Line products, based on high purity monoglycerides and/or triglycerides, significantly boost animal health in general and gut health more specifically. A better developed animal gut optimizes nutrient uptake and enhances pathogen protection, resulting into improved animal performance (growth and FCR), lower mortality and reduced need for use of antibiotics.

Gut Health Promotion: Certain esterified fatty acids, such as medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), possess antimicrobial properties that can help maintain a healthy microbial balance in the gut. This can reduce the incidence of digestive disorders and improve overall gut health in animals.

Immune System Support: Esterified fatty acids have been shown to have immunomodulatory effects, helping to support the animal’s immune system and enhance its ability to resist disease challenges. This can lead to lower incidences of illness and improved overall welfare.

Esterified fatty acids are more readily digestible by animals compared to free fatty acids. This improved digestibility facilitates better absorption of essential nutrients, leading to improved growth rates and overall performance.

Increased Energy Efficiency: Esterified fatty acids serve as a concentrated source of energy for livestock. By providing a readily available energy source, they help optimize metabolic processes

Environmental Sustainability: By improving feed efficiency and reducing the need for additional dietary supplements, esterified fatty acids can contribute to a more sustainable livestock production system by reducing resource inputs and minimizing environmental impacts.

pure Line product range

The Pure Line portfolio is based on high purity monoglycerides and/or triglycerides. With esterification as our core business, we offer a big range of fatty acids esters (SCFA and MCFA*) designed with esterification techology for an optimized delivery of the butyric acid in the intestinge. Our solutions have been carefully studied and intensively tested, showing a positive impact on animal performance and product handling. The products are non-corrosive, non-smelling and heat & processing stable.

pure MP

monoglycerol ester

pure MB

monoglycerol ester
monobutyrin (*)

pure TB

triglycerol ester
tributyrate (*)

pure MC

monoglycerol ester
mix of glycerol monocaprylate

pure MP MC

monoglycerol ester
mix of pureMP and PureMC

pure ML

monoglycerol ester

pure 106

monoglycerol ester

pure 108

monoglycerol ester

pure 110

monoglycerol ester

(*) available in liquid and powder 

which product should I use?

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