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The health concepts of Proviron are a tested receipt of feed additives.

The unique formula has been proven it’s beneficial advantages in several applications in the production of livestock. 

Beside the preventive antibiotics reduction, they have a positive impact on disease treatment such as ear necrosis with pigs and footpad lesion with chickens.

The use of esterified fatty acids in animal feed can contribute to improved nutrient utilization, growth performance, and overall health and welfare of the animals. However, it’s essential to consider factors such as proper formulation, dosage, and specific nutritional needs of the target animal species when incorporating these additives into feed formulations.

Not completely. Fatty acids in feed are not direct replacements for antibiotics, but they can play a very role in the reduction of preventive usage of antibiotics in animal production systems.  The fatty acids, particularly certain types like medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), have antimicrobial properties. They can help maintain a healthy balance of microorganisms in the gut, which is crucial for digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall health

Butyric acid is widely recognized as a valuable additive in animal feed formulations, particularly for monogastric animals such as pigs and poultry. Its multifaceted benefits for gut health, antimicrobial activity, inflammation modulation, and growth promotion make it a versatile tool for promoting animal health, welfare, and productivity in modern livestock production systems.

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Proviron op Eurotier 2024


Animal Health Hall20 – D20 | 12 till 15 November in Hanover, Germany.
EuroTier is the world’s leading trade fair for animal farming and livestock management. Proviron at Eurotier 2024

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Health and Nutrition Asia 2024

Health and Nutrition Asia 2024

12-14 march 2024 – Bangkok health & nutrition 2024 TOTAL ANIMAL FEED AND HEALTH EVENT FOR ASIA Health and Nutrition Asia is the niche-event by VIV worldwide focusing on innovation in nutrition, pharmaceutics, and high-tech animal health solutions. On co-location with VICTAM Asia, it is a 3-day event presenting two

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Proviron Story

Proviron story – Animal Health

our formula for reducing antibiotics feed additives … and animal welfare Proviron produces a wide range of feed additives. These additives stimulate the digestive system, increase the immunity of the animals and thus reduce the use of antibiotics. The esterified fatty acids in our additives make the animals healthier and

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