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A better world with sustainable farming, healthy animals and less antibiotics, requests the most innovative products and high-tech processes.
The gamechanger in our solutions is the high purity of monoglycerides. We at Proviron, an established chemical company with proven track of record in esterification technology, have studied and tested the positive impact of fatty acids esters (SCFA and MCFA) on pathogen protection.

monoglycerides in the fight against pathogen

The direct supplementation of high-purity monoglycerides to feed and/or water is a popular and emerging nutritional practice. Monoglycerides of short chain and medium chain fatty acids (SCFA & MCFA’s) have a well-documented direct in vitro antimicrobial activity and are known to enhance the immunocompetence of animals. Monoglycerides improve animal gut health and reduce the risk of disease transmission in the post-antibiotic era…

by Dr. Julie Feyaerts, Product Development Manager Proviron 

proviron monoglycerides technology

Monoglycerides are formed out of one glycerol molecule and one fatty acid molecule. In the esterification process, glycerol and free fatty acids (from C3 to C12) are covalently bound to form heat stable, non-smelling, pH-independent and superior antimicrobial active α-monoglycerides.

the purer the better

As a chemical based manufacturer, we have built a reputation during the last 45 years as the specialist in esterification. 

The esterification process is a purely chemical operation in which the glycerol and short or medium chain fatty acids are bound together. And as with everything, the purity of the end product is a direct result of a perfectly conditioned reactor environment and controlled process supervision. 

In lab setup, the environmental conditions are relatively easy to manage. But the production of medium to large volumes, makes it more complex and requires a very specific production setup. This set-up is what Proviron draws from its experience as a chemical company. A good understanding of plant development and a equipe of experienced staff to supervise the processes.

As a result, we can state that Proviron is one of the best in class when it comes to continuity and purity.

Did you know that with every batch and at every step in the production process, lab samples are taken to ensure the purity of the product…


a product range for sustainable nutrition

health concepts

  • Synergistic combination of SCFA & MCFA glycerides​
  • Easy to handle & ready-to-use in animal feed​
  • High concentration of active ingredients​
  • High purity


High purity esterified fatty acids ranging from propionic acid (C3) to lauric acid (C12)​


customized blends

Production and/or product development on customer request ​

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Animal Health - Business Manager Patrick Schotte - Proviron

Don’t make compromises if it comes to pathogen protection. Go only for the purest solutions! 

Patrick Schotte

Business Manager Animal Health

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