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concepts, based on blends of esterified fatty acids

Patented gut health improving concepts feed ingredient for poultry, pigs and aquaculture based on carefully selected esterified fatty acids.


Optigut is a feed ingredient to increase gut health and reduce bacterial and necrotic enteritis in poultry (broiler, layer, breeder, turkey, minor species…). The technical performance of the animals improves (daily growth and feed conversion ratio), while the use of antibiotics decreases significantly.


Porcestin is a feed ingredient for piglets. Using porcestin reduces bacterial pressure and the technical performance of the piglets improves significantly (daily growth and feed conversion ratio).



Optigut aqua is unique combination of esterified fatty acids for shrimp. The product improves the technical performance of the shrimp (both daily growth and feed conversion ratio).


Animal Health - Chicken


optimising poultry gut

Fatty acids have already found their way as antimicrobial agent in many applications such as mould control for feed preservation or acidification for gut health modulation. Also lipids – triglycerides of fatty acids – play an important role in newborns. Milk is not only a source of nutrients for the young animal. Milk lipids are a class of molecules that have broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity in addition to their nutritional value. The triglyceride core of the milk fat globule releases its antimicrobial activity in the gastrointestinal tract. Digestion products of milk triglycerides inactivate strains as diverse as E. coliSalmonellaCampylobacterListeriaand Clostridium perfringens.

OPTIGUTis a proprietary blend of glycerides of short and medium chain fatty acids, specifically designed and tested to resolve the issues related to enteritis in poultry. The action of OPTIGUTrelies on a double working mechanism, keeping a healthy balance in the gut.

A monolaurin component provides specific action against C. perfringens. This active helps controlling proliferation and avoid overgrowth of Cperfringensin the hind gut.

A butyrin component stimulates epithelial barrier formation in the hindgut, reduces inflammation and increases mucin and antimicrobial peptides production.


for 'gut' piglets

Porcestin, our concept for weaned piglets, is a feed ingredient based on the new generation of fatty acids. This innovative product combines different esterified medium-chain fatty acids to support and improve the intestinal flora and gut health in pigs. Gut wall damage induced by infections with gram-negative gastrointestinal bacteria, such as Escherichia coli and SalmonellaTyphimurium, can be limited by the flora stabilizing effects from fatty acids like lactic acid and butyric acid.

Moreover, butyric acid acts as a fast energy source for the gut wall delineating epithelium. As such, lesions in the intestinal wall will heal faster and intestinal cells will demonstrate improved nutrient uptake, especially in suboptimal conditions. Moreover, Porcestinreduces the mortality rate caused by Streptococcus suisinfection. As a result, at a high infection pressure, technical parameters such as growth and feed conversion rate will improve, making Porcestinuseful as antibiotic alternative or in reducing the applied antibiotics dosage and number of treatment days due to its synergistic effect.

Porcestindemonstrated a significant positive effect on the porcine gut health in challenge and field trials, executed in several European countries, resulting into more equal litters. In addition, ear-tip necrosis, often a sign of compromised health, can be reduced by the application of a combination of mono- and triglycerides of butyric and lauric acid.

Porcestin, a free-flowing powder, has unique product properties with no aberrant smell or taste.

optigut aqua

esterified fatty acids for aquaculture

Optigut Aqua is a blend of glycerides of short and medium chain fatty acids, specially designed to enhance resistance against pathogens and optimize growth in aquaculture

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