coated butyrate feed additives

We make a difference with coated butyrates.

Uncoated butyrate will dissolve straight away in the upper part of the digestive tract, before reaching the lower parts of the gastrointestinal tract. By using uncoated butyrate, the whole small intestine will not be stimulated. We provide our butyrate with a special matrix coating, to ensure gradual release of the butyrate within the digestive tract. In this way, we want to achieve the best release pattern of our calcium- and sodium butyrates until the end of the small intestine. This in turn, will result in increased performance and health of the animal.

calcium and/or sodium butyrate

Our Ultra-Gut product line consist out of different types of calcium- and/or sodium butyrate. These products significantly boost animal health in general and gut health in specific. A better developed animal gut optimizes nutrient uptake and enhances pathogen protection, resulting into improved animal performance, lower mortality and reduced use of antibiotics.

matrix coating technology

Proviron’s Ultra-Gut product line is a matrix coated source of calcium- and/or sodium butyrate. Unprotected butyrate will be directly absorbed in the first part of the digestive tract before reaching the lower parts in the GIT. To ensure a gradual release throughout the small intestine, we use our special matrix coating technique. Just as important, correct coating reduces the typical unpleasant smell of butyrate.

science based working mechanism

The beneficial role of butyrate in animal nutrition is widely recognized. Calcium- and sodium butyrate are well known for enhancing animal health and performance. Different studies showed the following effects when using calcium- or sodium butyrate as a feed supplement:

Stimulates villi growth and thereby the digestive surface.

Improves gut barrier function and balancing the gut microbiota.

Increases insulin sensitivity in muscle tissue.

Stimulates the animals’ immune system and improves the antimicrobial activity.

Increases nutrient digestion and absorption.

science based results

Ultra-Gut product range

Our product range consist out of different types of calcium- and sodium butyrate or combinations of the two combined in one product. For each animal species, life stage, application or feeding strategy an optimal product can be advised by our specialists:

Ultra-Gut S

sodium butyrate powder

Ultra-Gut C

calcium butyrate powder

Ultra-Gut S80

Matrix coated calcium sodium (80%)

Ultra-Gut S40

Matrix coated sodium butyrate (40%)
available soon

Ultra-Gut C80

Matrix coated calcium butyrate (80%)

Ultra-Gut Duo50

Matrix coated combination of calcium and sodium butyrate (50%)
available soon

Ultra-Gut Duo70

Matrix coated combination of calcium and sodium butyrate (70%)

Ultra-Gut C90

Film coated calcium butyrate (90%)

private label

on demand

Ultra-Gut COMBO

Matrix coated combination of calcium butyrate and tributyrin
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