proviron spin-off axabio

proviron spin-off


Proviron spins off microalgae activity in scale-up: ‘Axabio makes world’s strongest antioxidant’

Proviron is splitting off its microalgae business into the scale-up axabio, with Jonas de Cooman and Mark Michiels as co-founders. Axabio focuses on producing antioxidants from microalgae, which are used by cosmetics and food companies, among others. The futuristic-looking production process should make the scale-up the market leader in the antioxidant astaxanthin.

KNACK TRENDS – 19.06.2024

Proviron splitst microalgenactiviteit af in scale-up: ‘Axabio maakt de sterkste antioxidant ter wereld’

proviron spin-off axabio

DE TIJD – 20.06.2024

Antwerpse Axabio pioniert met algenkweek in plastic buisjes

proviron spin-off axabio

KANAAL Z – 20.06.2024

Kanaal Z Nieuws

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