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Proviron produces a wide range of feed additives. These additives stimulate the digestive system, increase the immunity of the animals and thus reduce the use of antibiotics. The esterified fatty acids in our additives make the animals healthier and increase their well-being. This allows Proviron to focus on animal welfare and reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock and fish farming.

antibiotic-reducing feed supplements

Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. A major reason for this is the worldwide use of antibiotics in animal feed. The WHO (World Health Organisation) and Europe are making significant efforts to reduce the use of antibiotics. We are contributing to this with our feed additives. 
Proviron’s feed additives support the foundation of a healthy diet. After all, a healthy diet ensures a healthy gut and good digestion, and therefore also healthier, strong animals that do not need preventive antibiotics. It goes without saying that this benefits the welfare of the animals.

"More than a billion chickens a year are free of antibiotics, thanks to the animal health products!*"

sustainability, innovation and social impact

Antibiotics can lead to disruption of gut flora. As a result, digestion may be less efficient and nitrogen secretion higher than in healthy animals. Using fewer antibiotics contributes to animal welfare. But it is also better for people and the environment.
By reducing the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry, we reduce residues in our food chain and slow down the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. In this way, the pharmaceutical industry has the opportunity to use existing antibiotics for longer and at the same time has more breathing space to develop new medicines.
Proviron’s innovative additives increase the ease of use for animal feed producers. Both the large feed groups and integrators, as well as the smaller feed producers, can use our products directly or through premix in the available infrastructure.

one-stop shop for butyric acid feed additives

Proviron is a one-stop shop for the animal feed industry when it comes to butyric acid feed additives. Butyric acid is the most important natural fatty acid for improving gut flora. Proviron is unique because we offer butyric acid in all forms and on different mediums relevant to the animal feed industry. There are various techniques for getting the right amount of butyric acid to the right place in an animal’s digestive system. At Proviron, we use esters and butyrate salts to deliver the desired organic acids, whether coated or not, to the right places in the gastrointestinal system via slow release. In addition to esters and butyrate salts, we also offer immediately usable products that can be mixed directly in animal feed. Feed producers themselves determine the parameters in their feeds, which means that they need the purest possible product from us. For smaller feed mixers, our range includes Porcestin for pigs, Optigut for chickens, Optigut Aqua for aquaculture… None of our products are medicines, but they have proven their effectiveness when used preventively. After all, fatty acids have a proven positive influence on the gut.

new in our range

Proviron has been expanding its range of antibiotic-reducing feed supplements with pure and coated calcium and sodium butyrates since the summer of 2023. For the latter, we developed a matrix coating that allows us to incorporate the slow release effect of the various components efficiently.
In doing so, we offer our customers a greater variety of accessible and natural preventive treatments.

**Non-scientific calculation based on assumptions of dosage standards and estimated volumes.

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