provifrost stickers

for your tanks, trucks and stock

Provifrost stickers are available for different types of aircraft de-icing fluids. We have replicated the orange, yellow and green international color codes according to the type of fluid in the design of the more than 1m² stickers.

the international color code on the stickers

When the de-icing team has to be deployed, a whole suite of preparations are required in advance. The equipment must be in optimal operating condition, and the tank levels and type of fluid in each tank checked. Is the right product in the right tank? This is essential for aviation safety!

That is why the different types of aircraft de-icing fluids have been assigned an international color code:  orange, green and yellow. A very simple and efficient way to make sure that the right type is used.

Provifrost helps even further and also provides stickers for each type of ADF in the corresponding color.

Our stickers are more than 1m² in size to ensure they are clear.

order your stickers before the season

matching colors for your de-icing fluid stock

Where do you need the stickers ?

Memmingen Airport is a fan of our stickers

Memmingen Airport, also known as Allgäu Airport Memmingen, is an international airport in the town of Memmingerberg near Memmingen, the third-largest city in the Swabia region of Bavaria, Germany

Matching the color of the sticker with the color code of the fluid in the tank makes the sticker a simple but effective additional safety measure.

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