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With more than 45 years’ experience in the Runway De-Icing industry, Proviron is a key player to ensure safe winter operations at airports. Runway de-icing is a crucial operation at airports, especially in regions when temperatures drop below freezing, leading to the formation of ice and snow on runways. This process ensures safe takeoffs and landings by preventing aircraft from skidding or losing traction during critical phases of flight. Runway de-icing must be performed promptly and efficiently, often in coordination with air traffic control and aircraft operations. Delays in de-icing can lead to disruptions in flight schedules and potentially hazardous conditions for aircraft.

Proviron offers two premium liquid Runway deicers and one premium solid Runway deicers, product pages can be found here below:


liquid runway de-icer


liquid runway de-icer


solid runway de-icer

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Both liquid and solid runway de-icers play essential roles in maintaining safe runway conditions during winter weather events. Airports must carefully consider factors such as weather conditions, runway surface conditions, and environmental considerations when selecting and applying de-icing materials.

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