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In our approach to best meet our clients’ needs and desires, we rely on the personal touch. Our commercial team can only properly understand the primary factors that drive ground support by engaging in dialogue with them.

This allows us to understand the need for both supply chain challenges and the need for pro-active supply management on airside. We are also actively working on your commitment to sustainable aviation through a bio-based product range.

Through this internal collaboration, Proviron invests in a personalized partnership, where the Single Point of Contact is the key to a successful formula for the demanding de-icing activities in the business.

For us, the growth of our customer portfolio and the loyalty of current customers is the dashboard of our operations.


smart services that make the difference


the de-icing business, trust is vital and a full-service approach is necessary. For that purpose, Proviron is going the extra mile as a service-driven company. Proviron offers specific services to satisfy all of our customers’ needs and wants:

sample certification service

For ADF, requalification of the fluid by submitting samples is both crucial and mandatory.

Free sampling kits (with sample instructions & labels to stick to the bottles) are offered free of charge. Proviron also offers a free sample testing service for ADF samples. A stamped signed report with the results is provided.

Looking to switch supplier? Proviron offers free compatibility testing, showing whether the percentage of old fluid left over can be mixed with the new fluid.

For  RDF, testing of samples is also free of charge. Both requalification testing and compatibility testing are offered by our laboratory.

24/7 winter hotline

During each winter season there is a single point-of-contact (SPOC) who is reachable 24/7.This SPOC manages Proviron’s production, supply chain and logistics in order to guarantee a supply at all times. A backup contact is also available at all times during winter and is kept up to date with all business information in case the  SPOC falls ill or is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.


The aviation industry is all about visibility and security. It is especially important in the case of ADF to have the right product applied at the right time. Proviron offers stickers (dimensions:..) to affix to the de-icing vehicles and/or storagetanks. The visuals on the stickers show the type of fluid and color. The operator can also scan a QR code and  immediately ask questions about the product or place urgent orders.

dedicated weather forecast system

Proviron has its own weather forecaster onboard. As accurate planning of production and transportation are crucial in the de-icing business. The key to a successful winter is preparation. By closely monitoring the weather, Proviron can act quickly in case of any upcoming winter events. Customers are contacted and asked to check their stock levels to be prepared for a potential winter event.

tank level monitoring system

Having a certain amount of de-icing fluid {Runway and/or Aircraft De-icing Fluid) in stock at all times is crucial for an airport. For that reason, Proviron offers a full package solution to several customers which gives them the option of installing a device to monitor tank levels. This device can be accessed by the customer and Proviron to ensure that adequate supplies of de-icing fluid are available.

technical training

Winter de-icing operations are crucial to keeping airports open and cannot be underestimated. The handling and application of de-icing products is very important and must be done in the proper way For that reason Proviron offers free technical training to customers.

professional knowledge for a reliable product

runway de-icers

the highest standard for runway de-icing with low toxicity

aircraft de-icers

the most climate friendly de-icers in the world

de-icing appl.

Aviation lavatory and agriculture de-icing products

need advice or information?

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David Carbonez

Business Manager Provifrost

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