provifrost winter hotline

winter hotline

24/7 personal contact line

During the winter months, we provide a direct contact number for additional orders, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because you never know when winter weather will strike. Based on the weather conditions in your region, we will proactively estimate how much de-icer fluid will be needed. We plan our production in advance, so that we can always deliver de-icing products.

provifrost - winter hotline de-icing service

direct phone line

As a customer, you have access to a direct phone number. You can contact the head of Provifrost customer service directly via this number. This number is available 24/7 during the winter months (November to April). Behind the scenes, when a call comes through, we immediately check how we can get the products to your site in the shortest possible time. We check to see if we can have them delivered immediately from remote storage. We also plan new production to replenish the stock as soon as possible.

pro-active weather forecast

The key to a successful winter campaign is preparation. But the weather is the most unpredictable factor.

With accurate forecasts, we know what winter weather we can expect and how much time we have left to prepare for it.

‘We effectively align production planning with weather forecasts and, in doing so will assume a worst-case scenario. This enhances our clout when there is a sudden massive increase in demand for de-icing products due to a cold wave.’

remote tank level monitoring

We also provide remote tank level monitoring on your site in consultation with you. Via simple but reliable digital devices, the level of the tanks is monitored on a continuous basis. When the level drops below an agreed level, a message is automatically sent, and we contact you to arrange delivery details.

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