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A sample kit designed to make the mandatory half-yearly product checkup procedure easier and more convenient for you. Each sticker sheet in the kit contains adhesive labels to be affixed to the sample bottle and an address tag for sending to our lab.

This kit ensures that your samples are received by us in a standard format. It means our lab will have all the right data straight away and can start the analysis immediately.

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Every six months, an analysis should be carried out of the de-icing fluid available in tanks, wagons or other storage places. This is an absolute requirement to satisfy the high safety standards of aviation, and rightly so.

Before a valid certificate can be issued, a thorough analysis must first be performed. We therefore need samples of the stock on site. Often this is distributed over tanks, in ‘elephant’ carts, IBCs, etc.. This is a job that requires the necessary precision.

Our sticker kits ensure that the relevant information can be easily filled in the relevant fields. You can also provide the location/tank number as your own reference.

Once the various samples have been taken, they can be collected in a cardboard box and prepared for transport. The bottom sticker of each sheet is a shipping label, used for immediate shipping to our lab.

It’s as easy as that!


Tip: we recommend using a pencil or water-resistant marker to ensure the label is legible.

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