impact of corrosion – timelapse video

PROVIFLOW - timelapse corrosion corrosion made visual time-lapse video 7 days In this timelapse video we tested the impact of corrosion on metal components in glycol.  In our setup we put 2 identical coupons of metal in 2 identical bowl. The left bowl is filled with generic glycol. The right bowl with proviflow L. The results after 7 […]


Donaldson and partners invest in sustainability chain ecological footprint key in purchase process At the Donaldson, Belgian division of filtration specialists in Leuven, a new Daikin chiller was recently installed on the flat roof of the laboratory rooms. Focused on a collaborative and sustainable investment where all stakeholders made great efforts, Donaldson worked closely with […]

brouwerij de halve maan-proviflow

Brewery De Halve Maan uses Proviron’s glycol indirect cooling for bottling plant In the previous edition of Cool & Comfort, we introduced you to the Proviron company and products. In this follow-up article, we look at a practical application: the cooling installation of the bottling plant of brewery De Halve Maan in Bruges. brand-new bottling […]

how to avoid corrosion

the importance of corrosion protection in cooling systems how to avoid corrosion Corrosion can silently destroy your cooling systems, leading to costly repairs and downtime. Download our whitepaper, “The Importance of Corrosion Protection in Cooling Systems,” and discover how to protect your installations with advanced glycol-based heat transfer fluids. download our comprehensive e-paper It will […]

Bringing more color to HTF

bringing color to glycol! if Picasso had been in the glycol business, he would probably have chosen Proviflow… In the spring of 2022, we put our new HTF blending facility into use. A brand-new installation that allows us to provide better service. First and foremost, this is due to the design of the installation, which […]


proviflow label kit show me the flow and label it Everyone wants to be proud of their work, right?But the care and skill of the installer are not usually visible until a technical problem arises. Because then, a quick, solution-focused intervention is expected.It is sometimes said that it is only in times of crisis that […]

proviflow glycol analysis

proviflow service HTF analysis service While the composition of the glycol in your system does not, of course, need permanent monitoring, we strongly recommend a periodic analysis. This is a preventive measure for maintaining the health of the system. Just like the blood in our veins, a lot can be determined from an analysis of […]

checklist DAP

Checklist bulk delivery (DAP) how to unload proviflow on site without worries This checklist is your guidance to a worry free bulk delivery of your Heat Transfer Fluid Proviflow. Let’s talk the same business. Communication is so important for a smoothly service. Therefore we made a list of topics that are relevant during delivery. Our […]

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