Checklist bulk delivery (DAP)

how to unload proviflow on site without worries

This checklist is your guidance to a worry free bulk delivery of your Heat Transfer Fluid Proviflow.

Let’s talk the same business. Communication is so important for a smoothly service. Therefore we made a list of topics that are relevant during delivery. Our price are calculated under this conditions.

So in this way we can avoid unexpected fees or delays. Let your technical team check and confirm this list of specifications. If there’s a topic that is different, we’re more than willing to find a way to solve this. That’s how we service our customers!

Access / Arrival

Standard truck must be able to access the promise. (L 13,6m x W 2,6m x H 4m)

Our drivers are professionals. We assume that they don’t need any specific paperwork or have to do any tests before entering the promise.

For a full truck delivery, there’s a unload time of 60 minutes included in the price.


Distance to the filling point

Distance between the loading point of the system and de position of the truck can be maximum 12 meter.

More than 12 meter must be discussed


Coupling connection specifications

Trucks have standard 2 unloading hoses of 6 meter on board with a 3” connection and can connect to

o   Guillemin 3” coupling

o   TW 3” coupling

Other connectors need to be discussed


Product destination/ recipient type

Our fluids can be unloaded

o   directly in the system

o   storage tank

o   IBC’s on site.

Other recipient types must be discussed


Operator tasks

Our drivers will operate parts on the truck site (connection/pump)

A local operator is requested to operate the parts on the customers system


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