solar panels for charity

solar panels for charity -De tocht ochtgenoten Hemiksem - proviron sponsoring

PEOPLE solar panels for charity The energy crisis of the last months affects all of us in our gas and electricity budgets. But the most vulnerable in our society feel this the hardest. Fortunately, they can count on organizations like the Welzijnsschakel in Hemiksem. But also these organizations see their operating budget eaten up by skyrocketing […]

Vlaamse Algen Maand – Mei 2022

may 2022 is the Flemish Algae Month Vlaamse Algen Maand In 2022, the month of May will be declared the “Flemish Algae Month. Academic institutes, government and business will go hand in hand to promote and demonstrate the advanced technology Flanders have when it comes to algae. Here you will find an overview of the […]

around the world in 45 days

proviron, around the world in 45 days

our journey of 45 years of chemistry proviron, around the world in 45 days On March 7, 1977, Leo Michiels founded Proviron. Four-and-a-half decades later, Proviron is an established name in the chemical sector. Through a strategy of specialization and sustainable development, we have grown into a reliable supplier with an impeccable reputation for flexibility […]

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