Proviron wins Oostende Awards Company of the year

proviron wins

Oostende Awards 2023

company of the year

We are so #proud. 

Proviron receives the award for “company of the year”. 

A feather in Proviron’s cap and especially a feather in the cap for all employees.

This award crowns the collective that Proviron stands for; innovation and sustainability in chemistry. Our formula of collegiality, infrastructure, product development, and international presence to which we have tinkered hard over the past few years is working. The investments of the past pay off even more when they are in the hands of committed employees.

During the award ceremony on Monday evening, October 2, 2023, at the Kursaal Oostende, Wim Michiels, our CEO, explicitly referred to the indefatigable “eagerness” of all Proviron employees to go for it. This mentality is contagious and creates a broad positive impact on the work floor, in Ostend, Flanders and beyond.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the other participants for the tough competition. 

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