Oostende Awards 2023 - company of the year - nominee Proviron

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Oostende Awards 2023

The Ostend Awards 2023 focuses this year on entrepreneurial Ostend. Several companies and entrepreneurs were nominated through a professional jury.
On Monday, October 2, the Awards ceremony will take place at the Kursaal in Ostend.

The professional jury chooses five of the six awards. To which company the sixth award goes, lies in the hands of the public who can cast their vote that evening.
Proviron has, together with four other companies, been nominated in the category ‘company of the year’. The focus of the jury is mainly on sustainability, innovation, local commitment and long-term vision of the participants.

For Proviron, it is already a nice recognition for the employees and an important validation of the recent investments on the site.

www.oostendeawards.be (in Dutch)

Sustainable production, with respect for people and the environment, is embedded in Proviron’s DNA. The implementation of these solar mirrors is therefore a conscious choice to focus more on green energy.

“On sunny days, these solar mirrors produce up to 20% of the heat required by the nearby installations” says Wim Michiels, CEO of Proviron, “this is a real and direct reduction of CO2 emissions”.

With this project, Proviron is contributing to a responsible industry. And this fits into Proviron’s ambition to make solutions for the challenges of the future.


A solar mirror is not a solar panel.

In a solar thermal park, sunlight is concentrated via parabolic mirrors, releasing high-quality heat with temperatures much higher than, for example, a solar water heater.

Parabolic mirrors with a height of 6 m each are used, which are arranged in lines of 120 m. Each parabola has a focal point. By placing these focal points in a line, a temperature of up to 400 °C is achieved. This heat is converted into steam as a heat source in chemical plants. Today gas or oil is burned, but the solar heat is thus completely green.

A solar park produces four times more energy per installed square meter than a traditional solar panel installation. It is therefore a completely green alternative for industrial heat requirements and can therefore make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

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