Proviflow in America - introduction with Anthony Internicola

dedicated sales and manufacturing in USA

proviflow in america

We all know that corrosion poses a significant threat to cooling systems.

In a newly commissioned system, damage can begin as early as day one!

Often, the real impact goes unnoticed until system failure or a significant leakage occurs resulting in down time and expensive repairs.

In order to prevent damage and optimize efficiency, we need to minimize potential for corrosion wherever possible.

This is why Proviron chemists developed our OAT additives to help you proactively prevent corrosion from the start.

Together, we can prevent your operation and your reputation from being impacted by corrosion!

"the proof is in the Glycol!"

flowing towards sustainable process cooling and heating

Proviflow isn’t just another heat transfer fluid. It’s a leap into the future – a glycol-based solution meticulously crafted to offer superior performance, efficiency, and reliability. Here’s why Proviflow stands out:

  • Enhanced Thermal Conductivity: For more efficient heat transfer.
  • Cutting-edge, process-specific corrosion inhibitors developed in Proviron labs.
  • Custom coloring for superior leak detection or branding purposes.
  • Environmentally friendly: Designed and manufactured to ensure a lower carbon footprint.
  • Extended Lifecycle: Less frequent change-outs mean reduced operational interruptions and costs.
  • Safety First: Our formula prioritizes human health without compromising on performance.
  • Direct from manufacturer fulfillment from our plant in Friendly, West Virginia.

We understand that choosing a heat transfer fluid isn’t just about the product but also the people and support behind it. And at Proviron, we’re not just vendors; we are your partners. Together, we envision a future where operational excellence meets sustainability.

proviflow N

the most reliable MEG based fluid on the market

proviflow L

the best value for standard heating and cooling

proviflow FG

designed for food, beverage and pharma applications

dedicated team in america

Anthony Internicola Proviron Inc - Sales Manager PROVIFLOW
At Proviron, we're proud to have been at the forefront of chemical innovation for years. We're excited to showcase our knowhow and to drive innovation in sustainable secondary cooling.

Anthony Internicola

Commercial Manager Proviflow America Proviron INC

RETA 2023 National Conference

come visit us at booth #17

14 - 17 november 2023

Hyatt Regency hotel – Jacksonville – Florida, USA

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