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Although our product may be one of the best in the market, we believe that our smart services add that extra value. Our people are the engine of our services and that makes the difference for you and your relationship with your customer.

sourcing solutions

Proviron’s specialty chemicals are building blocks for a host of everyday products including plastics, cosmetics, drugs, agricultural products, paints, coatings, and many others. We have local storage for our specialty chemicals in Friendly, WV to give you peace of mind for your sourcing solutions. In addition to our own products, we offer toll blending and repackaging services. We can adapt flexibly to your ordering and inventory needs as we handle pails, drums, totes and bulk, and can receive and ship via our rail spur. Being situated in the heart of the Polymer Alliance Zone along the Ohio River, we can reach 50% of the US population within an 8-hour drive of our facility. Contact us today to talk about how we can meet your production needs.

partner for innovative blends

If you are looking for a flexible partner to produce your company’s innovative blends, look no further! We look forward to discussing your needs. Our primary business today focuses on amine blending and packaging, urethane system blending, urethane polyol blending, catalyst blending, isocyanate packaging, re-packaging of polyols, amines and catalysts, green urethane system blending, and type IV wind de-icer blending. We can handle liquid reactions and solid dispersions in lined steel and stainless-steel unit reactors up to 6,000 gallons equipped with mixers, temperature control up to 300°F, and vacuum if needed. We can handle a range of viscosities and utilities include chillers, hot boxes, nitrogen, DI water, pressurized air and steam. We offer trials and we welcome to you to come visit us in Friendly, WV.

quality control

With our complete inventory control system, we track and manage raw materials, daily production, and certificates of analyses. We have secured our facility with a privacy fence and automatic gate, and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our laboratory performs testing on raw materials and finished products that includes but is not limited to acid number, amine value, hydroxyl number, free rise foam, NCO content, pH, RI, specific gravity, viscosity and water content. If you have additional or specific testing needs, please contact us. If you have specific permitting or testing needs, give us a call. We will be happy to work with you.

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