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study – presented at ICPIH Manila Julie Feyaerts Product development  Optigut has established itself as a prominent commercial product in the poultry industry for over a decade. Previous research, primarily comprising performance trials conducted in academic settings and on commercial broiler and turkey farms, consistently revealed compelling outcomes. These trials consistently demonstrated enhancements in growth […]

use of monoglycerides popular

technical article – Antibiotic Reduction Special Why is the use of monoglycerides so popular? The direct supplementation of high-purity monoglycerides to feed and/or water is a popular and emerging nutritional practice. Monoglycerides of short chain and medium chain fatty acids (SCFA & MCFA’s) have a well-documented direct in vitro antimicrobial activity and are known to […]

Added value of esterified organic acids

Added value of esterified organic acids

technical article – gut health 58 Added value of esterified organic acids The financial success of animal rearing is directly related to gut health. To avoid performance losses, it is of utmost importance for farmers and veterinarians toclosely monitor the development of the gut mucosa and associated microbiota. dec. 2020 – Antibiotic Reduction Special 2021 […]

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