Our formula for

carbon bio based chemistry

... by using renewable raw materials

The paint industry has switched massively from oil- or white spirit-based paints to sustainable, water-based paints.
To ensure that the paint in the water forms a neat uniform mixture, Proviron developed a specific ingredient: SVS or Provichem 2202. It also ensures that a uniform and resistant paint film forms when drying.
Provichem 2202 is a unique product that has proven its services for several years and that we are now making fully sustainable.

stick to the point

Have you ever considered that paint must be resistant to rain even though the base product is water? To make paint water resistant we add sodium vinyl sulfonate or SVS to the paint emulsion.
Thanks to SVS, paint solution manufacturers have to admit fewer active surface agents to their emulsion which becomes more stable at the same time. It gives them more opportunities to develop high performance paints.

"Proviron is doing its part for the sustainable development of water-based paints"

Provichem 2202 is so efficient that we only need a very small amount for maximum results. It only takes a few drops in your paint pot to improve the quality. It keeps paint stable under pressure and temperature variations. This is not only important for private individuals who are painting in their homes, but also in professional painting and spraying installations. It allows for finer work, saving costs and the environment.
And that is important to us at Proviron. We constantly try to think along with our customers so that we can offer them sustainable and innovative solutions, which are the perfect answer to their needs and requirements.

sustainability & innovation

In recent years, Proviron has invested a lot in making SVS more sustainable. We did this, for example, by switching from petroleum-based raw materials to raw materials from renewable carbon sources.

But we also buy as much as possible from European suppliers. In this way, we keep the carbon footprint for transport low. Moreover, the production of SVS-based paint results in less sedimentation and thus less waste.

Provichem 2202 is also ISO9001– and Ecovadis– certified. This means that we are guaranteed to deliver a consistently high quality product and that our procedures are geared towards the most ecological production possible.

social impact

By using high quality SVS, our product contributes to companies aiming to meet the 2050 European environmental targets, such as e.g. achieving zero pollution.

In addition, Provichem 2202 is included in the REACH* database without CLP classification. This makes it alternative to similar components that are labeled as toxic.


*REACH is the European database in which all manufacturers of chemicals must register their product and have it tested before it can be sold

* The CLP Regulation is a European Union regulation from 2008, which aligns the European Union system of classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures to the Globally Harmonised System.

team extension

SVS is increasingly being used in biobuffers, a valuable raw material for producing biological medications such as vaccines and specific proteins. Because Proviron wants to play a larger role in these markets, we are looking for a Business Manager to further develop this international market.

* niet wetenschappelijke berekening gebaseerd op assumpties van doseringsstandaarden en geschatte volumes. 

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