chemistry between us

we are proviron, a chemical company manufacturing innovative ‘in-between’ products. 

we are the chain between the raw material suppliers and the processing industry.

and we do it our sustainable way, ingrained into our DNA since 1977.

chemistry is all around

The products we use daily are more complex to meet today’s living standards. The biggest challenge for the future is to rethink the way we deal with the life cycle of products. And that’s exactly what Proviron is doing by focusing on Processes and Environment.

We are servicing the manufacturing business with a wide variety of services, solutions and products.

People, Planet, Prosperity are the core values of our company and our pillars towards a cradle-to-cradle economy, where used products become materials of the future.

We believe that well considered product and manufacturing choices today will leverage the journey to reusable resources for tomorrow.

At Proviron we make intermediate products for various niche markets. We approach each industry with dedication and respect for uniqueness of the sector. Through a personalized approach, thorough research and mastery of production processes, we can offer innovative solutions.

Chemistry and the environment may seem incompatible, but we believe that taking care of the environment on all possible levels helps us as an industry grow towards a more sustainable and livable world. Not only initiatives on the shop floor, but also marco-economic changes will determine the future of the industry. Today we are contributing our part to the chemistry of tomorrow.

open communication

filling in on the latest news

Open communication is an important value within our organization. Just like our processes, we like lean in our communication.

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