EcoVadis silver label

Proviron achieves EcoVadis level silver!
This puts us in the top 15% of audited companies.
A great recognition of our permanent commitment to sustainability.

EcoVadis published the results of the audit on 11 January 2024. Proviron achieved a percentile ranking of 90.
This means a score higher than 90% of the companies audited by EcoVadis. This allows us to appropriate the ‘TOP 15%’ Silver label for one year.

Sustainability is ingrained in Proviron’s DNA. Ever since the start in 1977, optimising processes with a beneficial impact on the environment has been one of the foundations. This positive score in a very challenging industry in terms of sustainability is therefore a very important recognition. It also proves that we are on course to meet the targets of the European Green Deal.

But of course it doesn’t stop here. In our own way, we continue to work towards a circular and sustainable chemical sector. We will further study the advice and recommendations from the ecovadis report and include them in our action plans.



sustainability certificate ecovadis silver label Proviron

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