proviflow FG

designed for the food, beverage and pharma cooling

Proviflow FG is an MPG based heat transfer fluid with a specially formulated inhibitor package for use in food and drink applications, containing exclusively FDA approved components. Proviflow FG has been registered by US NSF and classified as a HT1 heat transfer fluid for potential incidental food contact. Due to its low acute oral toxicity, Proviflow FG can be used in a wide range of food and beverage cooling applications where safety and certainty matter.

product information

product highlights

  • Based on Monopropylene Glycol,
  • ASTMD1384-05 tested
  • OAT Inhibitors
  • Enhanced Reserve Alkalinity
  • Free from CMR components (carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic to reproduction)
  • Does not contain phosphates, nitrites, primary/secondary amines, silicates or borates
  • food grade approved

product information

Cryotech NAAC

RUNWAY - high performance solid de-icer

AMS 1431 certified

Readily biodegradable

Excellent performance

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