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At Proviron, our sustainable and socially responsible policy is reflected in our year-end campaign. By annual tradition, we donate the budget for year-end gifts to charity.

And this year, we’re taking it a step further. We have not 1 but 3 initiatives to support sustainable projects for charity.

For our 3 sustainable initiatives this year, we chose Koninklijk Werk IBIS located in Bredene. (at 2km of our plant in Ostend, Belgium) The institution was founded in 1906 to take care of children of deceased sailors. Today, this organization has grown to provide young people with a safe living environment at a boarding school, as well as a solid education with appropriate support.

In the coming years, IBIS will enhance their services even more in depth and better prepare children to enter society independently. To do so, they must also invest in the future of their infrastructure and operating resources.

We selected 3 initiatives that IBIS focuses on in its investment plans. Each one of them projects where we as Proviron give an extra push so that sustainable options become financially feasible.

and the results are ...

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