coated butyrate feed additives - Proviron


coated calcium- and sodium butyrate

Our Ultra-Gut product line consists out of different types of calcium- and/or sodium butyrate. These products significantly boost animal health in general and gut health more specifically. A better developed animal gut optimizes nutrient uptake and enhances pathogen protection, resulting into improved animal performance, lower
mortality and reduced use of antibiotics.

product information

boosting animal gut health & reducing antibiotic use

micro pelleting formfactor

  • optimised for gradual release
  • equal micro pellets makes dosing in your mix easier.

matrix coating technology

  • a proven coating technique in feed production
  • reduces the typical unpleasant smell of butyrate.

calcium- and sodium butyrate

  • calcium
  • sodium
  • or combination


coated calcium- and sodium butyrate

reducing antibiotic usage

better gut performance

easy to dose

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