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a lifetime of functional chemicals

Provichem consists of high-quality chemical products used for a variety of different applications and a wide range of chemical processes, such as polymerization, multi-step synthesis and formulation. Producing intermediates has become second nature to us. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about our co-polymerizable stabilizers and high-purity building blocks for bio-buffers, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), flavors, fragrances, colorants and dyes.

Adding value one reaction step at a time

proviron provichem

optimise your water-based formulations with our stabilizers

Surfactants are needed in emulsion polymerization to stabilize the emulsion and later the latex. 

However, these surfactants have some drawbacks for the final product e.g. paint or adhesive, because they can migrate to the surface of the paint or adhesive film. By doing so, they will reduce gloss, enhance dirt pick-up, induce whitening and increase the water sensitivity of the film.

By using Provichem® 2202/2203, the amount of conventional surfactant can be reduced while improving the overall performance of the polymerization process and final end product. Consider this: improved emulsion and latex stability, less foaming, improved water resistance, better scrub resistance, better particle size control, high solids dispersion, low grit formation, and high pigment to volume concentration.

proviron provichem

fine chemicals

Look out for our high purity building blocks.

Discover our high-purity building blocks for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). We are continuously audited by the pharmaceutical industry to meet high quality standards.

Moreover, our products are typically used for the multistep synthesis of sulfonate-based bio-buffers, fragrances, dyes and colorants.

proviron provichem

cross-linking agents

Enhance the quality of your fibers and foams with our cross-linking agents.

Chain branching, cross-linking and trimerization are about enhancing the quality of your products. Our cross-linking agents make them stronger and more tenacious and do so with maximum efficiency and effectiveness in your process. Typical applications include manufacturing of polyester fibers and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foams.

proviron provichem

specialty solvents

Specialty functional fluids with a variety of applications.

Used in the synthesis of high-end engineering thermoplastics and the optimization of thermal paper production, our specialty solvents get the job done. More recently, we can offer bio-based solvents to facilitate your switch to green formulations.

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