effective services

efficient communication and well-organized supply chain

Optimized logistics through supply of products from our local stock resulting in reduced lead times

'face to face’ contact

‘Face to Face’ contact with our customers on a technical and commercial level.

Improved and more efficient communication through our local staff.

local warehousing and logistics services, greatly reduced lead times

We aim to significantly serve local customers. By having local warehousing in Shanghai and Foshan, customers can save time for customs clearance.

Continuously optimize local logistics services, so that many of our customers can achieve same-day delivery.

All these greatly reduced lead time, and deeply favored by customers.

professional knowledge for reliable products

proviplast 024


provichem 2202


proviplast 95XP


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David Zhong

Sales Manager Proviron Pu Wei Lun

David Zhong - Proviron
Jeff Chen - Proviron

Jef Chen

Sales Manager Proviron Pu Wei Lun

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