feed additives

animal feed additives solutions to reduce antibiotics

A better world with sustainable farming, healthy animals and less antibiotics, requests the most innovative products and high-tech processes.
The gamechanger in our solutions is the high purity of monoglycerides. We at Proviron, an established chemical company with proven track of record in esterification technology, have studied and tested the positive impact of fatty acids esters (SCFA and MCFA) on pathogen protection.

health solutions based on esterified fatty acids

proviron animal health

health concepts

Patented gut health improving concepts feed ingredient for poultry, pigs and aquaculture based on carefully selected esterified fatty acids.

proviron animal health


High purity esterified fatty acids ranging from propionic acid (C3) to lauric acid (C12)​.

proviron animal health

customized blends

Production and/or product development on customer request ​

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