glycol-based heat transfer fluids

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The fact that the flocculation freeze point temperature data was available, made me very excited.

"In terms of leak detection, Proviflow conveniently comes with a color. We chose green here. The operator can see at a glance whether it could be a leak or if it is just condensation."

"In addition to effectively reducing energy consumption, the new chiller needed to operate using an eco-friendly refrigerant. The coolant's ecological footprint (GWP value) was vital, a significant factor in our decision to use proviflow."

what makes an installation with proviflow glycol a gamechanger?

facts-driven fluid choices

If the doctor tells you your blood is just fine, you expect his diagnosis to be based on the results of a blood analysis test. Well, it’s exactly the same for HTF in your installation.

An accurate picture of the condition of fluids in a system is only possible when you have the figures and facts available. While an initial indicator of the ‘freeze’ point can easily be measured with a refractometer, if a decision needs to be taken and responsibility assumed for topping up or refilling, you need an accurate analysis.

Where’s the extra effort involved in taking a sample compared to a long discussion about responsibility and repair costs?

Go for a facts-driven composition of the HTF fluid!

customer preventive maintenance

A future-proof installation must be reliable. The customer expects a system that will operate for as long as possible, but especially with no extra maintenance costs beyond the ‘foreseen’ maintenance schedule.

A quality HTF must have the right freezing point and a set of inhibitors to protect against corrosion, as well as the right grade of water to avoid precipitation. Did you know that degradation of the fluid is one of the most underestimated aspects? Malfunctions or leaks caused by corrosion occur 60 times faster.

The correct advice earn’s a customer’s trust! Advise the customer to invest in a full-protection quality HTF and create a happy customer.

flexibility in fulfillment

Not only is choosing the best glycol product for the installation important, availability and service also makes a big difference.

At Proviron, we pride ourselves on maintaining the flexibility to scale-up during our growth. We treat every order personally. In addition, we offer all dilutions in the various packaging forms (bottles, drums, ibc, bulk). The coolant can also be made in a color to suit your needs: red, blue, yellow, green, orange or the color of your logo, it is mixed with ‘food grade’ dye.

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