glycol-based heat transfer fluids

The Proviflow range of heat transfer fluids are formulated using inhibitors and have been designed to cope with the most demanding of conditions in heating and cooling systems. Our fluids are designed for an excellent freeze point suppression and an enhanced protection against corrosion, hard water scaling and bacterial growth.

in the flow to sustainable process cooling and heating

proviflow N

the most reliable MEG based fluid on the market

proviflow L

the best value for standard heating and cooling

proviflow FG

designed for food, beverage and pharma applications

what makes an installation with proviflow glycol a gamechanger?

ASTM approved corrosion protection

Our heat transfer glycol includes anti-corrosion inhibitors providing a sturdy defense against glycol’s #1 enemy, corrosion. All Proviflow fluids are tested to and exceed the ASTM1384-05 corrosion test standard. 

customized color

Proviron can deliver customized coloring. Red, blue, yellow, green, even your brand color. Contrasting the color of your HTF with your product can provide an effective way to detect leakage via visual inspection.

glycol analysis service

Periodic glycol analysis can prevent significant interruptions to production. In Proviron labs, we offer analysis services designed to identify issues before they become problems.

"In addition to effectively reducing energy consumption, the new chiller needed to operate using an eco-friendly refrigerant. The coolant's ecological footprint (GWP value) was vital, a significant factor in our decision to use proviflow."

bringing color to glycol!

customized glycol coloring included!

cherry red

banana yellow

any color 
you want

blueberry blue

lime green

why color your Heat Transfer Fluid?

promotional consideration

Choose the color according to the company colors.

safety consideration

A contrasting color of the HTF is the easiest way to have a visual leak detection control.

uniform color codes for your people in the field

If an internal color is linked to installation instructions, you can create a uniform color code that makes it very easy for your employees to communicate.

product information

best practices for

ground/air heat pumps

solar thermal collector

industrial cooling

proviflow prof cooling

food & drink process cooling

refrigeration & HVAC

how can I help you with advice and information?

Anthony Internicola Proviron Inc - Sales Manager PROVIFLOW

Anthony Internicola

Commercial Manager Proviflow America


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