features at our lab

At our Friendly, WV facility, our on-site laboratory is in close proximity to our warehouse and production. Quality is assured throughout the production process, beginning with incoming raw material testing, in-process inspection and final product conformity. Our laboratory provides an indispensable tool for innovative thinking with our customers. Our resources are at your disposal.

We use our scientific and technological know-how to offer a total package of solutions for contract manufacturing. Innovation for you and with you, the customer, ensures a successful result. Our multi-skilled operational team provides you with an accurate, complete, and timely analysis of your tolling needs.

capabilities include

Gas Chromatography, UV/VIS, FTIR, X-ray fluorescence

Analytical testing: NCO, OH, Moisture, etc.


Physical testing: Density, Viscosity, RI, etc.


Foam Laboratory: Cream, Tack, Free Rise, etc.

customized lab services and team

Depending on the specific requirements of your tolling service needs, we have the capability of providing additional testing.

Our lab staff is known for its extensive and practical creativity for a fast response to questions. Our team’s expertise in multiple areas of chemistry allows us to “think along” with you, as well as to provide additional research resources for innovative process optimizations.  

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