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the american hub for the 'chemistry between us'

"Proviron Inc. began operations in the US in May 1996 when we opened a grass-roots plant in Friendly, WV to support the production at one of the largest chemical companies in the area. Now, 25 years later, our facility has become the central hub for our activities in North and South America."

what makes the difference?

tolling is more than outsourced production

Proviron is a full-service tolling facility with a fully equipped laboratory. Whether you need your products blended due to capacity issues at your own plant, or you’re developing new products and have to ramp up quickly, or you want products repackaged, or you would like us to source Proviron’s products through our location in Friendly, WV, we are here to service your needs. Located on the Ohio River just south of Pittsburg, PA we are within an 8-hour trucking shift for 50% of the US population. West Virginia has 1900 miles of railroads, and we have a spur right on our property for receiving raw materials or shipping out your product

in the center of the Polymer Alliance Zone

Proviron’s solutions include high-quality chemical products used for a variety of different applications and a wide range of chemical processes, such as polymerization and multi-step synthesis. Producing intermediates has become second nature to us.

the future of chemistry

If the environment is an important part of your company’s ethos, you may already know that it is a distinct driver. Ever since our start, the concept of operating sustainably has been Proviron’s main philosophy. Because we believe that acting sustainably is more than just a trendy logo or participating in an environmental campaign.

Sustainability is so deeply ingrained in Proviron’s DNA that it influences every process and action we take. We constantly strive to find innovative and smart solutions and improvements. It is that spirit which is woven into all layers of our organization.

In our collaborations with all external parties too (suppliers, transporters, customers and prospects), we take our ecological impact into account.

servicing a wide range of industries

As a provider of “in between product”, Proviron services many industries. Our chemicals help these branches to create valuable products. We help them to produce “greener” products, because the Proviron product range offer a wide range of eco-friendlier alternatives.

Here’s a selection of the industries where we have a large proven track record. If your industry is not listed here, there’s a good chance we are just too modest to present it. Let’s get in touch to see what we can do for you.

automotive and aviation

building and construction


consumer goods

can we help you further?

Janet Sebastian - Proviron Inc

Janet Sebastian

Commercial Manager
Proviron Inc

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