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better emulsion performance with Provichem 2202 - SVS

The use of our stabilizers in polymer emulsions improves your product performance and stability, while also reducing costs by allowing a lower processing cost and consumption of other expensive raw materials. The specific benefits of using stabilizers in acrylate and/or vinyl-based polymer emulsions will depend on the product and application, but may include improved emulsion stability, lower foaming properties, viscosity/particle size control, and high water/scrub resistance.

improve the polymer emulsion production process and cost!

advantages of Provichem 2202

increase the emulsion stability

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save time and money

Increase the emulsion stability during the production and lower the formation of aggregates. Less aggregates allows for less cleaning steps in your reactor vessels.

easy to dose

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fits your reactor vessels

This aqueous solution is easy to dose and charge into your reactor vessels.

reduce the foaming properties

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value for high viscosity formulations

Reduce the foaming properties of your emulsions without the use of expensive anti-foaming agents. This offers great value for high viscosity formulations (e.g. adhesives).

At Proviron we specialize in a wide range of chemicals with a focus on companies who create products for the automotive, aviation, construction, building, pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors.
In our product range, we service premium functional chemicals (provichem) and plasticizer additives that make plastic flexible (proviplast). And our tolling offer can help you in the chain of your production.

more valuable polymer emulsions

with high quality Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate

Provichem 2202 lowers the need for surfactants and works complementary to offer more value.

It is a reactive stabilizer/emulsifier which enhances your latex stability. This translates into a longer shelf life for your final product.

Ensure the structural integrity of your film properties as Provichem 2202 significantly improves the water and scrub resistance of your latex films.

Allow yourself more product design freedom. Our stabilizer offers the technology to produce high solid dispersions while taking more control over the particle size distribution. This combination offers you to target specific viscosity ranges.

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a well-considered choice

Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate with responsible sourcing

By responsible sources, we mean that our SVS is made from renewable carbon sources. (non-petroleum based). We source our raw materials from European sources and produce locally in Belgium and according to certification standards ISO9001 and Ecovadis.

Provichem 2202 is an excellent replacement for Sipomer Cops /HAPS (CAS 52556-42-0) which is classified as Reprotoxic.  

100% carbon bio-based

by using renewal sources

*Mass Balance Approach

produced in Belgium

based on European sources




replacement for Sipomer Cops /HAPS

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