do you want to cool down?

need to keep it cool?

use proviflow glycol-based heat transfer fluids from Proviron

A glycol-based heat transfer fluid is a type of fluid used in heating and cooling systems for the transfer of heat. It is composed of a mixture of water and glycol, typically ethylene or propylene glycol. The glycol component serves as an antifreeze and a corrosion inhibitor, allowing the fluid to maintain its heat transfer properties at low temperatures, and protecting the system from rust and corrosion.

improve & protect your cooling installation, limit process disruptions and reduce maintenance costs!

advantages of Proviflow

sustainable OAT corrosion inhibitors

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Proviflow heat transfer fluids do NOT contain minerals like borates, silicates, nitrates, prim. & sec. amines, …

compatible & mixable with other products

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Proviflow products can be used in combination with other existing fluids like Zitrec and Antifrogen. Compatibility tests are possible.

choose your own color

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Every product can be delivered in the desired color on request. All colors can be combined

technical support and lab analysis

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Our R&D department is at your disposal for all your technical questions and sample analysis.

the versatile proviflow heat transfer fluids can be used for a wide range of applications

geothermal energy

solar thermal energy


food & beverage

data centers

public area's


wind turbines

other applications

the importance of corrosion inhibitors in heat transfer fluids

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All Proviflow fluids are tested to and exceed the ASTM1384-05 corrosion test standard. The range also contains a highly-advanced reserve alkalinity additive. This ensures a longer and more efficient working life, limited disruption to processes, reduced maintenance costs and ultimately an improved return on capital employed. All Proviflow products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to give the end-user greater peace of mind in the knowledge that every product offers a long and efficient working life.

compatibility with different other brands

proviflow product compatibility overview

Other existing heat transfer fluids like Zitrec & Antifrogen are compatible with the Proviflow fluids. They have similar properties and can be used together in the same installation. Compatibility tests are possible and reports about the compatibility are available

Ethylene glycol

Zitrec M(C)
Dowcal 100 (E)
Glysofor N
Antifrogen N
Cooltrans CT
Neutragel Neo
Proviflow N

Propylene glycol

Zitrec L(C)
Dowcal 200 (E)
Glysofor L
Antifrogen L
Cooltrans plus CTP
Friogel Neo
Proviflow L

food grade glycol

Zitrec F(C)
Dowcal N
Glysofor F
Cooltrans plus CTL
Proviflow FG

coloring heat transfer fluid can be useful!

what's your favorite color?

promotional consideration

Choose the color according to the company colors.

safety consideration

A contrasting color of the HTF is the easiest way to have a visual leak detection control.

uniform color codes for your people in the field

If an internal color is linked to installation instructions, you can create a uniform color code that makes it very easy for your employees to communicate.

cherry red

banana yellow

blueberry blue

lime green

raspberry pink

glycol with a service

smart services that make the difference

Although our product may be one of the best in the market, we believe that our smart services are what adds the extra value. Our people are the engine behind our services that makes the difference for you and your relationship with your customer.

dedicated order fulfillment service

Not just an order number, or customer ID. Behind the scenes a team of professionals are handling your order with great care.
Once an order comes in, we figure out how to get the right product to you in the fastest way possible. As an in-house manufacturer, we have the advantage of flexibility. We can offer all volumes in the right dilution. 

volume as you wish

We understand that not every installation is the same size or cannot be reached by truck. That is why we offer proviflow in the receipient that suits you best at that moment. IBC, drum or full truck.

analysis service

Proviflow’s lab offers a complete analysis service. With a sample of at least 150ml, we routinely examine the most important parameters to check the condition of the heat transfer fluid.

We prepare a report with accurate data on paper to inform your customer correctly. No guesswork or incomplete estimates, but customer advice based on facts to avoid discussions and dissatisfied customers

time to have some "cool talk"

Your privacy is important to us. So you can be sure that we will only use your data to help you. After submitting the form, we will send you a recap of your request via email.

different applications require different types of products

proviflow product portfolio

The Proviflow range of heat transfer fluids is formulated using inhibitors and has been designed to cope with the most demanding of conditions in heating and cooling systems. Our fluids are designed for excellent freeze point suppression and enhanced protection against corrosion, hard water scaling and bacterial growth.

proviflow N

the most reliable standard MEG based fluid in the market

proviflow L

the best all-rounder for cooling and heating (MPG based)

proviflow FG

designed for food, beverage and pharma cooling (MPG based – NSF HT1 certificate)

how can I help you with advice and information?

Gregory Jansseune

Business Manager Proviflow

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