ThalaPrime P proviron microalgae

ThalaPrime P

Premium pathogen free freeze dried ‘halassiosira pseudonana’

ThalaPrime P is a small diatom alga with a balanced nutritional composition providing essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids, sterols, vitamins and antioxidants for the early larval stages of your aquaculture species.

ThalaPrime P is ideal to feed early zoea and mysis stages of marine shrimp larvae, and is an excellent feed for bivalve larvae from the D-shaped stage onward up to setting.

ThalaPrime P can be used together with our IsoPrime, TetraPrime, NannoPrime and/or ChaetoPrime products to compose your customized microalgae diet for optimal larval performance, either as a partial orcomplete replacement for live algae at the same cell counts as normally used ThalaPrime P is the easy-to-use back-up alternative for your live Thalassiosira pseudonana, available off the shelf at any time.

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